This is the first post of this blog. There are several like it but this one is mine. I’ve had bad experiences running a blog in the past so if this site spontaneously disappears at some point, try to understand that death is a part of life. Removing the idea of permanency helps us all value the posts in general. “All” in this case is a reference to myself and my invisible audience reading these ramblings.

So I’m working on a few yard projects, at the moment a fence to contain my herd of chihuahuas. I would like to at some point also paint our well water tank to look like R2-D2, possibly build a replica C3PO to keep him company and of course garden-esq projects involving money that isn’t there yet. More to come!

I also enjoy thinking about cool designs and crap. I will doodle once in a while, no promises on the ability though. I have not seriously sat down to doodle in quite a while. My wife and I having just purchased our first home kind of gives me the free space to do what I want again but… who has the time anymore. I’m old I guess. Here’s a link to my old deviant art account.

Pictures! Holy crap I take a ton of those. Maybe I’ll share a few too.