Back in the Fast Lane!

My wife and I finally have ourselves a quality connection to the internet. For the last 10 months we had been operating on an advertised 10 Mbps downlink provided by Exede. Initially we tried to get Xfinity by Comcast to hook our services up, however that didn’t play out well with the initial install technicians. Up until recently they were physically unable to provide a connection due to our semi-remote location. I had also tried to use a Wireless Internet Service Provider or WISP for short. A growing company called Rapid Systems looked promising but again we were let down due to geographic restrictions. They kept telling us a new tower would be out here “soon,” which went from two weeks away to months and eventually… Well they never managed to connect us. But hell, Comcast came through for us just about a month ago now.

The difference is remarkable. We went from just a really shoddy 3 – 5 Mbps connection with latency somewhere in the ball park of 1000 to 1500 milliseconds, on a clear sunny day, to a highly reliable any weather connection with recorded speeds of 90 Mbps at 19 milliseconds. Now I know having the satellite connection was better than nothing and in my neighborhood there are still people who have Exede, but I really couldn’t believe that there was no real viable alternative. Sometimes we would use our phones as hot spots just to play a few online games. I bet if cell carriers created a home internet plan without major restrictive data caps there could easily be market share up for grabs. On my wife’s iPhone 6 using Sprint I measured 1.22 down at 52 milliseconds. The download speeds don’t have to be amazing if the latency is decent and a lot of people could get along on a connection like that if the cap were around 120 GBs.

Clearly though a wired ground connection is superior to a wireless connection and I am happy to report we are definitely back in the fast lane thanks for the hard working people over at Comcast. They upped the infrastructure in our location and were able to get us the services we missed dearly. It was almost a deal breaker with the house we were buying, and we love our house! I’m just glad everything worked out.