Pit Ideas

I’ve made some changes to previous designs around the house. One of which is the fire pit/garden box idea. Here’s a crude doodle of the plan I made in MS Paint…



Ideally I’d have two sets of benches facing the fire pit. This maximizes both the outdoor living space and expands the garden boxes. The levels of garden boxes is negotiable of course. One idea is to have it just right there behind the benches as an accented feature. The other idea is to really expand off the benches as a central point of a larger garden space. This adds a dynamic to the outdoor area that I hadn’t thought of previously. We could even do large archways around the garden “jewel” and really bring out the best in our yard hangout.

A big inspiration for these ideas is Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas cruise ship.  Here’s a few shots of that trip on deck 8, central park.

1780117_10206119831330260_8610108873314846791_o 10981084_10206119831250258_2567200640066025057_o10359130_10206119854730845_2681626922376841520_o 10854479_10206119854570841_64210607908734304_o 10974306_10206119712127280_1001160505586602210_o 10854831_10206119673246308_699215135300202542_o

The last photo is actually from the Atlantis hotel. I really liked that fountain area so I’ve got some more ideas on that later down the road.


Oh! Good news is the flowers are doing great. I need to do a little weeding but all in all growth has been rampant. I planted a tulip tree but nothing has sprouted as of yet. I will likely have to give those seedlings a little more attention before I can just plant them in the yard. More on that stuff to come.