Tuesday Morning

My day started a little off. This morning my wife decided to sneak up on me while I was pouring myself a cup of pops cereal. She’s super sneaky, always attempting and usually succeeding at scaring the shit out of me. well needless to say she scared me this morning, and in my fright I ended up tossing my cup of pops cereal on to the tile shattering my breakfast aspirations. So ttoday was a Pop Tart day, although not all bad.



yesterday I texted my wife to put the flowers out on the patio so they could breathe a little bit and get more sunlight. I usually cycle them like that from the sheltered back porch to patio so they are protected yet fed. Well the bottom of $2 flower tray decided it had had enough and properly disintegrated as she moved them causing a whole mess of flowerly doom. When I turned up at home after my shift I did a little digging and creative repurposing of some old garden stones I found near our AC unit. I have no idea what exactly is growing where anymore, other than some of the more obvious flowers, but I did my best to save them all.



I think they’ll be happier in the spot I put them. Hopefully my critter ridden yard doesn’t swallow them up before we get to see their final forms.

I’ve also been doing some reading up on shade trees I could use in the yard. I need something rapid growing for my landscaping plans but not weak or soft rooted. The American tulip tree meets these requirements so I am looking into that. Here’s what one of these bad boys looks like:



I think that’s all I have for now. We’ll see what happens at work. I believe we’re on trac to recieve  a visit from corporate. I can already feel the cortisol pooling in my brain. I wish I had a chance to draft a few thoughts about the fire pit and garden boxes. I’ve got a few hurdles, one my desktop PSU died and two I need to reformat. On my birthday I downloaded a Mario party rom from an illegitimate site and watched as that shit installed god knows how many malware apps. I have a background in surgically removing stuff like that but this new codes is too much for me to handle that way. Once I get that PSU it’ll be PC nuke time.