Fire Pit Update

About a month ago my wife and I had a little weekend time together that we used to take on a few projects. We inherited a grill and needed a back patio to really take advantage of the potential cook outs and gathering. In addition we decided it would also be cool to have a fire pit for evening hangouts. So we got to work!




Now this took us maybe an hour or so, aside from the time spent in Lowes trying to figure out what kinds of stone to use. I’m super cheap and she is super Froogle. The difference is I look for the lowest build overall and she looks for the best value in terms of regular usage. This wouldn’t look as awesome as it does without her help. I think the stones and paver sand really tied things together well.

Anyhow, we use 30 pavers on the patio and we figure we’ll need another ~180 to finish, so that’ll be on going for a while. I believe each paver was around $2, so it’s definitely long term. The fire pit however is almost there. For a while I had the remaining stones sitting in the yard just waiting for motivation.


I changed that today. I went ahead and used some cement from my fence post stockpile and threw on the next layer. I’m thinking that because I dug down a little to level the bricks with the soil I may need to add one more layer of bricks to really finish the fire pit at the proper height. Melanie Ann for scale.


Elizabeth, my wife, asked me to add some pavers around the fire pit itself at some point, I believe the idea is to have pavers running all the way down the yard to the fire pit area. I may add some circular bench seating with garden box backing. Might be a cool idea worth exploring. I might not have any time to draft those ideas until next week.



I had trimmed the fuck out of our orange tree last week in an attempt to get it healthy again. There was moss everywhere on this thing so I decided to pressure wash all the nasty little barnacles and what not from the tree bark. Hopefully I made an impact on it’s ability to heal itself. It had been very hard to trim around the tree with those low hanging mossy branches as well. The yard needs to be cut, I’m thinking I’ll use the last bit of my day for that since it has cooled off a bit. Here’s the view from the back porch. IMG_20150710_155857

And that water tank needs to be painted. Ack!